Child Care

Child Care

Childcare for Families Who Desire a Christ-Centered Environment
for Children From Ages 12 months to 4 years
Before and After School

Sunrise provides child care for families who want a Christ-centered environment. You are always welcome in the Center; the better we know you, the better we are able to support you in meeting the needs of your child.

Sunrise helps children to develop fundamentals in music, language, science, math, art, gymnastics, and motor skills. Playtime and interaction with others are emphasized as they are important factors in a child's learning process. Rest assured that your child is nurtured in a stress-free environment, to ensure that learning is enjoyable throughout the formative years.

    Our staff is trained to:
    • Teach Children About God and Christian Values.
    • Provide Children with a Sense of Security, Acceptance, and Significance in an Environment that Encourages Growth.
    • Make Learning Fun and Challenge Each Child According to Their Abilities.
    • Provide Activities That Stimulate Creativity and Confidence.
    • Maintain Patience and Care for Each Child's Needs Individually.
    • Provide a Safe, Healthy, Happy and Educational Experience.


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