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All people need the truth of the gospel; therefore, every student must have the opportunity to respond to that truth. Transformation is from God and He uses teachers, mentors, and students in this process. Quality education presents all information from that standard base of truth.

 Young people must be made aware of differing world views; they must be given the right questions to ask in order to pursue truth and seek wisdom and knowledge from the Lord. A student must have as his central focus Christ and his finished work on the cross. This is the only world view that gives meaning and purpose to life, and it is the only world view that perceives reality clearly.


Pictured above are some of our seniors visiting the Eastern Gate while on the annual senior trip to Israel.   

Every September, students, faculty, staff and parents come together for See You At The Pole. They meet for a time of student led praise, worship and prayer.

PreK-5th grades and 6th-12th grades come together each week for chapel, a special time of worship and learning.

Spiritual Emphasis Week, or SEW is an annual opportunity for 7th - 12th graders to spend several days at Wheat State Camp. Opportunities abound to build their relationship with the Lord and also develop camaraderie with their classmates.