Cheryl Meier

I had the awesome privilege of growing up in a Christian family, attending Baptist Tabernacle School in Wichita, Kansas, and Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.   I have had the blessing of a Christian education my entire life, and love reciprocating that blessing by teaching other elementary children at Sunrise Christian Academy, since 2002.  PCC is also the place I was blessed to meet my husband, from Saskatchewan, Canada!  Our four children have also received the blessing of attending Sunrise, receiving a God-centered, quality education.   

I received Christ as my personal Savior in my kindergarten class at school.  That moment is precious to me, and Christian schooling holds a special place in my heart since it was the way in which I met Jesus!  The Lord has called me to share the gospel with other children, and train them in academia which will best prepare them for the lives to which God has called them to serve Him.  I truly believe that Christian education is not expensive, it is priceless!  

SCA – 5th Grade Newsletter
Mrs. Strong & Mrs. Meier
                          April 2017 News
S.A.T.'s will begin on Thursday, April 6th and end Tuesday, April 11th.
Testing will begin shortly after school begins at 8:30. Please try to
have your child at school by 8:25. If they come in late and testing has
begun, they will need to wait in the hall until that test is completed.
Tests that are missed will have to be made up in the summer, so
please try to have your child here on time every day.
Each day of testing we will be having snacks. Each child needs to
bring a HEALTHY SNACK each day of testing.
To make up for the stress of morning testing, we will have activities
planned for the afternoon:
Thursday: Outside Activities (weather permitting)
Friday: Read & Relax
Monday: TBD
Tuesday: Movie Day
Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest each night and
eats a good breakfast during this week.
Make sure your child has a book or two to read every day of the S.A.T.'s.
If you have any questions concerning testing, please feel free to call
or drop by the classroom.
Dates to Remember
April 14th No School
April 17th No School
April 21st Mobile Book Report due
April 21st Spelling Bee: 3rd-5th grades
April 25th Science Fair / Open House 7:00-8:00
April 27th 4th & 5th Grade Musical
April 28th Spelling Bee: K-2nd grades
May 1st Reminder: Auction items are due. Two or more items
are needed for our final auction.
May 19th Keep reading! O-Y-O Book Report due.
May 24th Please keep in mind that field day is coming up. We will
be looking for volunteers soon. Be checking our hallway
for a sign up sheet.