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FWC/SWC Forms and Opportunities

We believe that Sunrise Christian Academy is more than just a place we send our children daily. SCA is a Christian community, committed to the enrichment of families through the education of students. We are funded and operate based on the generosity and abilities of each of our families. As such, each family and attending student is expected to make a tangible contribution in the form of goods, services, or funds that benefit SCA.

FWC and SWC Explained

Each family with a student attending SCA will have a"Family Work Credit" (FWC) fee of $400.00, (20 hours per semester at $10.00 each); and, each enrolled Junior High and Senior High student will have a "Student Work Credit" (SWC) fee of $50.00 (5 hours per semester at $5.00 each). This fee is the same for each family regardless of how many children you have in the Academy. The FWC fee may be worked off at the rate of $10 per hour, and the SWC at a rate of $5.00 per hour. There are numerous school projects and activities that require volunteers.

Opting Out

If a family so desires, they may just pay the $400 and be excused from FWC. For those families with just one child who is only attending half days (Pre-K or K), the FWC amount is reduced to $200.00.



Getting Credit For Your Work

Please complete the following form to submit FWC/SWC:


Thank you for joining us as Sunrise Family to provide the very best experience for your child!