•   Missions

Today, Sunrise is involved with Mission schools in Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, Guatemala, Haiti and Lebanon.

Various groups within the school are currently raising money to help our mission schools in Burma and Haiti and also the Wa people ( A group of about one million people who live as refugees in an area located between China and Burma). All monies raised will go towards adding to the schools' facilities. The additions planned will build on the foundations that are being laid in helping mold the spiritual, educational and physical well-being of these wonderful children. Thank you for your support, both in prayer and finances.

Pictured above is a Wa woman cooking a meal.  The Wa people are under much persecution and are in great need of prayer.  They are so hungry to hear God's message of salvation. Your prayer and gifts make a huge difference in their lives! This is a group of Simorea students spending their early morning in prayer.

“Our high school business class presents a check to Dr. Lindsted for a Christian school in Lebanon run by one of our alumni- Jill Smith (Daghfal).  The business class created a business and raised $3,000 in 3 weeks!”

The photo above is of another school being built in Haiti. This building is now complete and has 4 classrooms and some restrooms. The number of people being reached continues to increase by amazing numbers. Praise God!!